EASE Module 2 Making Use of What I've Learned

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Published on 2010 August 16th

This module is composed of activities aimed to develop learners' skill in deducing meaning, using graphic organizers, using the present perfect tense, ad listening for details in a text heard.
*listen to the lines or a passage and point the PSAR
*observe convert pronunciation of /t/ & /th/ sound
*deduce meaning of words through structural analysis
*place correct answers to the questions through graphic organizers
*organize information through semantic webbing
*use present perfect tense correctly
*express appreciation for and understanding of worthwhile and positive traits and values
*write a composition about heroic traits and/or feats of people

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K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 6
Oral Language Reading Comprehension Vocabulary Development Oral Language and Fluency
Learners, Students

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