EASE/OHSP Chemistry Module 14: The Chemical Bonds

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This module discusses how scientist discovered atoms and how atoms combine and form simple to complex substances.
1. Differentiate and describe the formation of ionic and covalent bonds.
2. Compare the properties of ionic and covalent compounds.
3. Differentiate between polar and nonpolar molecules
4. Classify molecules as polar or nonpolar.
5. Identify and differentiate the intermolecular forces of attraction.
6. Explain how these forces affect the compound’s interaction with other molecules.

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K to 12
Grade 9
Learners, Students
Explain the formation of ionic and covalent bonds Recognize different types of compounds ionic or covalent based on their properties such as melting point hardness polarity and electrical and thermal conductivity Explain how ions are formed Explain how the structure of the carbon atom affects the type of bonds it forms

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