EASE/OHSP Chemistry Module 16: Stoichiometry

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This module defines what a mole is and explains its relationship with mass.
1. Define a mole.
2. Describe the relationship of mole, mass and number of particles.
3. Calculate the number of particles (atoms, ions, molecules) from moles or vice versa.
4. Convert number of moles to mass and vice versa.
5. Solve problems on mole-mass relationship.
6. Relate the coefficients of balanced equations to number of moles.
7. Solve problems on mass-mass relationship.
8. Determine mass percent composition of a compound from its formula.
9. Calculate the percent composition of elements in a compound.

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K to 12
Grade 9
Learners, Students
Use the mole concept to express mass of substances Determine the percentage composition of a compound given its chemical formula and vice versa

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