Wastong Nutrisyon

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Published on 2014 August 14th

The module explains the importance of having a good nutrition.
Explain the benefit of having a good health and healthy life style
Consistently practice good health habit

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1, Grade 2
Nutrition Family Health
Learners, Students
Distinguishes healthful from less healthful foods Tells the consequences of eating less healthful foods Practices good eating habits that can help one become healthy Practices good decision making skill in food choices Describes the characteristics of a healthful home environment Discusses the effect of clean water on ones health Discusses how to keep water at home clean Practices water conservation Explains the effect of indoor air on ones health Identifies sources of indoor air pollution Practices ways to keep indoor air clean Explains the effect of a home environment to the health of the people living in it Describes ways on how family members can share household chores in keeping a healthful home environment Demonstrates how to keep the home environment healthful States that children have the right to nutrition right of the child to nutrition article 24 of the un rights of the child Discusses the importance of eating a balanced meal Discusses the important functions of food Describes what constitutes a balanced diet Considers food pyramid and food plate in making food choices Displays good decisionmaking skills in choosing the right kinds of food to eat Describes healthy habits of the family Demonstrates good family health habits and practices Explains the benefits of healthy expressions of feelings Expresses positive feelings in appropriate ways Demonstrates positive ways of expressing negative feelings such as anger fear or disappointment Displays respect for the feelings of others

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