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Published on 2014 March 28th

Test your understanding of how text, onomatopoeia and visual elements fit together to create a manga called 'Samurai'. Play the role of a new employee in a manga design studio. Explore elements of manga comics such as story-lines, characters, colours, text and bubbles. Then choose the dialogue and 'sound words' to complete a story about two boys at home while their mother is out shopping. For example, choose the sound word to match the sound of a paper screen being torn. Add your own text to the last frame of the manga to complete the story. View and print out an assessment report. This assessment object is one in a series of four objects.
Students relate the nature and strength of evaluative stance in texts to language and multimodal choices.
Students use grammatical forms such as verbs and adverbs to evoke an emotional response from readers of a horror story.
Students analyse how particular language choices can give more or less emphasis, intensity, force or focus to evaluations.
Students investigate how images influence the reader to adopt certain evaluative positions about a text.

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