APEX_Intermediate Algebra_Systems of Linear Equation and Inequalities

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Published on 2012 July 18th

This is a module with 10 lesson plans about balancing with systems of linear equations and inequalities. It helps the learners to understand cartesian coordinate system, Linear equations in two variables, slope of a line, etc.
1. define a system of linear equations in two variables;
2. identify if lines are equivalent, intersecting or parallel by graphing;
3. solve systems of two linear equations in two variables using the algebraic methods of elimination and substitution;
4. solve problems represented by linear systems of two equations in two variables arising from realistic situations, by using the algebraic method and by interpreting graphs;
5. define a system of linear inequalities;
6. translate certain situations in real life to linear inequalities;
7. graph linear inequalities in two variables;
present the solution set of a system of linear inequalities by graphing.

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K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 8
Patterns and Algebra
Educators, Learners
Classifies algebraic expressions whichare polynomials according to degreeand number of terms Adds and subtracts polynomials

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