Self-Learning Modules - Quarter 4 - Music: Grade 8, Modules 1 to 3

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Published on 2022 August 25th

Contents: 1. Music ,Grade 8, Quarter 4 - Module 1: Traditional Asian Theater. 2. Music ,Grade 8, Quarter 4 - Module 2: Performances of Wayang Kulit, Peking Opera, and Kabuki Theater. 3. Music ,Grade 8, Quarter 4 - Module 3: Traditional Asian Theater Music in Action.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 8
Traditional Asian Theater Music
Educators, Learners
Identifies musical characteristics of selected asian musical theater through video films or live performances Sing selections from chosen asian musical theater Describe how the musical elements contribute to the performance of the musical production Identifies the instruments that accompany kabuki wayangkulit peking opera Explains the distinguishing characteristics of representative asian musical theater Describe how a specific idea or story is communicated through music in a particular asian musical theater Ccreatesimprovises appropriate sound music gesture movements props and costume for performance of a chosen asian traditional musical and theatrical form Evaluates music and music performances applying knowledge of musical elements and style

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