Self-Learning Module- Quarter 1-English for Academic Professional Purposes: Grade 11 Modules 1-5

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Published on 2022 June 20th

Contents: 1. English 11 Quarter 1- Module 1: Reading Academic Texts. 2. English 11 Quarter 1- Module 2: Thesis Statement and Outline Reading Text. 3. English 11 Quarter 1- Module 3: Approaches in Literary Criticism. 4. English 11 Quarter 1- Module 4: Writing the Reaction Paper/ Review/ Critique. 5. English 11 Quarter 1- Module 5: Writing the Concept Paper.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 11
Reading Academic Texts Writing the Reaction Paper/Review/ Critique Writing Concept Paper
Educators, Learners
Determines the structure of a specific
academic text Differentiates language used in academic
texts from various disciplines Explains the specific ideas contained in
various academic texts Uses knowledge of text structure to glean
the information he/she needs Uses various techniques in summarizing a
variety of academic texts States the thesis statement of an academic
text Paraphrases/ explains a text using one’s
own words Outlines reading texts in various disciplines Summarizes the content of an academic
text Writes a précis/abstract/summary of texts
in the various disciplines Defines what a concept paper is Determines the ways a writer can elucidate on
a concept by definition, explication and
clarification Comprehends various kinds of concept papers

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