Self-Learning Module- Quarter 1 - Science: Grade 3, Modules 1 to 2

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Published on 2022 May 23rd

Contents: 1. Science 3: Quarter 1- Module 1: Classifying Objects And Material. 2. Science 3: Quarter 1- Module 2: Changes In Materials.
1. Identify and describe objects and materials at home, in
school and in the surroundings and classify them as solid,
liquid and gas.
2. Recognize and describe the observable characteristics of
solid as to color, size, shape, and texture.
3. Describe observable characteristics of liquid as to its ability to
flow and how they occupy space.
4. Name and describe observable characteristics of gas.
5. explain what happens to some solid materials like butter
when heated;
6. discover what happens to liquid materials like water when
7. discover what happens to water when heated or when the
temperature is increased; and
8. find out what happens to a naphthalene ball when placed
under the heat of the sun.

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K to 12
Grade 3
Educators, Learners
Classify objects and materials as solid liquid and gas based on some observable characteristics Describe ways on the proper use and handling solid liquid and gas found at home and in school Describe changes in materials based on the effect of temperature

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