Injury Prevention and Road Safety (Powerpoint)

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Published on 2020 June 29th

Developed as a supplement or reference for teachers in conducting learning sessions with teachers, in teaching, or in extracurricular activities of children.

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K to 12
Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 4, Grade 3, Grade 9, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 10
Injury Prevention Safety and First Aid Injury Safety and First Aid Injury Prevention, Safety and First Aid Injury Prevention Safety and First Aid Unintentional Injury Prevention, Safety and First Aid (Intentional)
Educators, Learners
Demonstrates ways to ask for help Follows rules at home and in school Identifies appropriate persons to ask for assistance Follows rules during fire and other disaster drills Identifies situations when it is appropriate to ask for assistance from strangers Observes safety rules with stray or strange animals Gives personal information such as name and address to appropriate persons Describes what may happen if safety rules are not followed Identifies hazardous household products that are harmful if ingested or inhaled and if touched especially electrical appliances Recognizes warning labels that identify harmful things and substances Discusses ones right and responsibilities for safety Identifies hazardous areas at home Explains rules for the safe use of household chemicals Follows rules for home safety Identifies safe and unsafe practices and conditions in the school Identifies hazards in the community Displays selfmanagement skills for road safety Explains basic road safety practices as a passenger Describes ways people can be intentionally helpful or harmful to one another Distinguishes between good and bad touch Practices ways to protect oneself against violent or unwanted behaviors of others Practices safety rules during school activities Explains the meaning of traffic signals and road signs Follows safety rules to avoid accidents in the community Recommends preventive action for a safe community Describes dangerous destructive and disturbing road situations that need to be reported to authorities Explains road safety practices as a pedestrian Demonstrates road safety practices for pedestrian Demonstrates road safety practices as a passenger Recognizes disasters or emergency situations Demonstrates proper response before during and after a disaster or an emergency situation Relates disaster preparedness and proper response during emergency situations in preserving lives Describes appropriate safety measures during special events or situations that may put people at risk Describes the dangers of engaging in risky behaviors such as use of firecrackers guns alcohol drinking Advocates the use of alternatives to firecrackers and alcohol in celebrating special events Explains the nature and objectives of first aid Discusses basic first aid principles Demonstrates appropriate first aid for common injuries or conditions Discusses basic information about first aid principles roles responsibilities and characteristics of a good aider Demonstrates the conduct of primary and secondary survey of the victim cab Assesses emergency situation for unintentional injuries Discusses the function of dressing and bandages Explains the principles of wound dressing Demonstrates appropriate bandaging techniques for unintentional injuries Demonstrates proper techniques in carrying and transporting the victim of unintentional injuries Demonstrates proper first aid procedures for common unintentional injuries Differentiates intentional from unintentional injuries Describes the types of intentional injuries Analyzes the risk factors related to intentional injuries Identifies protective factors related to intentional injuries Demonstrates ways to prevent and control intentional injuries

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