Pagpuon sa Pagbasa (PRIMER) Gamit kan mga Paratukdo

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Published on 2020 April 3rd

This Teacher’s Guide aims to help in teaching beginning reading in Grade 1 for Bicol language.
To guide the teachers in teaching beginning reading in Grade 1 using Mother Tongue- Bikol

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1
Mother Tongue
Oral Language Phonological Skills Fluency Grammar Awareness Vocabulary and Concept Development Phonics and Word Recognition Listening Comprehension
Identify rhyming words in nursery rhymes, songs jingles, poems, and chants. Give the
name and
sound of
each letter Give the
of the name
of each
picture Use vocabulary referring to people (self, family, friends) , animals, objects, musical instruments and environment Use appropriate expressions orally to introduce : a. oneself b. family c. friends d. others Classify naming words into persons, places, animals, and things, etc. Note important details in grade level literary and informational texts listened to

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