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Published on 2019 July 1st

This material aims to improve the skill under the domain of listening comprehension of the Grade 1 pupils in retelling the story and sequencing events listened in mother tongue.
MT1LC-lb-1.1 Note important details in grade level narrative texts listened to.
MT1LC-lc-d-2.1 Give the correct sequence of the events in a story listened to.
MT1LC-le-f-3.1 Infer the character's feelngs and traits in as tory listened to.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1
Mother Tongue
Listening Comprehension
Give one’s reaction to an event or issues listened to

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JHOE-ANNE VALENZUELA (jhoeanne.valenzuela) - San Antonio ES, Apayao, CAR
Jhoe-anne Valenzuela
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