Ni Tukak ken ni Uwak

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Published on 2018 December 3rd

This material has been developed with the Learning Resource Management Development System ,Schools Division Office of Abra (LRMDS-SDO Abra) and has been implemented by the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) of the Department of Education, Cordillera Administrative Region, Schools Division Office of Abra. This material aims to improve the skill under Reading Comprehension of the Grade I pupils in Mother Tongue.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1
Mother Tongue
Reading Comprehension
Give the correct sequence of three events in a story read Infer the character feelings and traits in a story read. Identify the speaker in the story or poem read Relate story events to one’s experience. Predict possible ending of a story read.

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Jenelyn B. Baldemor
Department of Education - Schools Division Office of Abra
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