Developing Reading Power: a Workbook in Mother Tongue-based - Iloko 3

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This workbook has been proposed for the learners to understand fully Iloko language towards learning.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 3
Mother Tongue
Reading Comprehension Attitude Towards Reading Curriculum Guide
Educators, Learners
Gives the correct sequence of 3-5 events in a story. Gives one’s reaction to an event or issue. Describes and reacts to the author’s writing style. Expresses love for stories and other texts by browsing the books read to them and asking to be read more stories and texts. Shows love for reading by listening attentively during story reading and making comments or reactions. - Expresses interest in texts by reading available print materials.

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MARJORIE DACAYO (marjorietdacayo) - Turod Elementary School, Nueva Vizcaya, Region II - Cagayan Valley
Marjorie T. Dacayo
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