Simplifying Expressions or Equations

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Published on 2019 February 1st

The author gives algebra an emphasis to the lesson plan. The introduction of variables in the form of letters signals the introduction to Algebra. When starting to learn Simplifying Algebra Expressions, there is a need to use models. Algebra tiles will help the learners understand the use of algebraic expressions. Simplifying algebraic expressions requires knowledge of integers. In some mathematical sentences from various problems, the mind processes will certainly revolve around the meaning behind the symbols and mathematical operations which are universally understood.
1. Combines similar terms in simplifying algebraic expressions.
2. Uses algebra tiles to combine similar terms.
3. Applies knowledge of mathematical expressions and equations in community involvement

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K to 12
Grade 6
Patterns and Algebra
Gives the translation of reallife verbal expressions and equations into letters or symbols and vice versa

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Rebecca D. Leyva
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