Self-Learning Module- Quarter 2-Mathematics: Grade 7, Modules 1-9

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Published on 2022 July 5th

Contents: 1. Math 7: Quarter 2- Module 1: Approximating Measurement. 2. Math 7: Quarter 2- Module 2: Solving Problems Involving Conversion of Units. 3. Math 7: Quarter 2- Module 3: Translating English Phrases and Sentences to Mathematical Phrases and Sentences. 4. Math 7: Quarter 2- Module 4: Algebraic Expressions. 5. Math 7: Quarter 2- Module 5: Operations Involving Polynomials. 6. Math 7: Quarter 2- Module 6: Special Products. 7. Math 7: Quarter 2- Module 7: Solving Problems Involving Algebraic Expressions. 8. Math 7: Quarter 2- Module 8: Algebraic Expressions, Linear Equations and Inequalities. 9. Math 7: Quarter 2- Module 9: Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable.

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K to 12
Grade 7
Measurement Patterns and Algebra
Educators, Learners
Illustrates what it means to measure Describes the development of measurement from the primitive to the present international system of units Approximates the measures of quantities particularly length weightmass volume time angle and temperature and rate Converts measurements from one unit to another in both metric and english systems Solves problems involving conversion of units of measurement Interprets the meaning of n a where n is a positive integer Evaluates algebraic expressions forgiven values of the variables Classifies algebraic expressions whichare polynomials according to degreeand number of terms Differentiates between algebraicexpressions and equations Translates english sentences tomathematical sentences and vice versa Differentiates between equations and inequalities

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