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Published on 2012 June 6th

A website about algebra in the real world. Interactive and contextualised mathematical problems and challenges covering music, fashion, sport and video games.
1. Understand real world applications of algebra
2. Apply algebraic concepts to solve problems

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10
Patterns and algebra
Educators, Learners
Generates patterns Illustrates an arithmetic sequence Determines arithmetic means and nth term of an arithmetic sequence Finds the sum of the terms of a given arithmetic sequence Illustrates a geometric sequence Differentiates a geometric sequence from an arithmetic sequence Differentiates a finite geometric sequence from an infinite geometric sequence Determines geometric means and nth term of a geometric sequence Finds the sum of the terms of a given finite or infinite geometric sequence Illustrates other types of sequences eg harmonic fibonacci Solves problems involving sequences Performs division of polynomials using long division and synthetic division Proves the remainder theorem and the factor theorem Factors polynomials Illustrates polynomial equations Proves rational root theorem Solves polynomial equations Solves problems involving polynomials and polynomial equations Illustrates polynomial functions Graphs polynomial functions Solves problems involving polynomial functions

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