Pinanid nga Hilikuton sa mga Kasampaton sa Hiligaynon Kindergarten - Yunit 2

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Published on 2019 January 9th

This workbook provide exercises in the development of reading readiness, number readiness, writing and fingerspelling in kindergarten

Curriculum Information

K to 12
language development E. Mathematics (M) : Logic (L) E. Mathematics (M) : Number and Number Sense (NNS) G. LANGUAGE, LITERACY AND COMMUNICATION (LL) : Visual Perception and Discrimination (VPD) G. LANGUAGE, LITERACY AND COMMUNICATION (LL) : Phonological Awareness (PA) G. LANGUAGE, LITERACY AND COMMUNICATION (LL) : Composing (C)
Educators, Learners
Match object, pictures based on properties and attributes in one-to-one correspondence (object to object) or (object to picture) and (picture to picture). Arrange objects one after another in a series/sequence according to a given attribute (size, length) and describe their relationship (big, bigger, biggest or long, longer, longest). Arrange three numbers from least to greatest/ greatest to least Tell which two letters, numbers, or words in a group are the same Give a word that rhymes with a spoken word

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Dorothy Tarol (dorothyLR) - SPED - Integrated School for Exceptional Children, Iloilo City, Region VI - Western Visayas
SDO-Iloilo City
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