Si Enting kag ang Lagting

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Published on 2021 September 20th

This storybook is taught every child the value of helping inside the household chores and teaches also the importance of education in children. This material is very useful as additional reading material for the teachers in teaching values inside the household and to identify the reading comprehension of the learners.
1. Listen and infer the character's feelings based on their actions and what they say.
2. Give the letter that begins with the name of the given pictures/objects.
3. Identify action words in a sentence.
4. Give the cause and effect of certain events in the story.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1
Mother Tongue
Reading Comprehension
Educators, Learners
Give one’s reaction to an event or issues listened to Identify cause and/or effect of events in a texts read.

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