K to 12 Elementary Subject - Health - Gr.1

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Published on 2020 February 6th

Curriculum Guide of K to 12 Elementary – Health Gr.1-10

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1
Nutrition Personal Health Injury Prevention Safety and First Aid Curriculum Guide Family Health
Distinguishes healthful from less healthful foods Tells the consequences of eating less healthful foods Practices good eating habits that can help one become healthy Practices good decision making skill in food choices Demonstrate proper hand washing Practices habits of keeping the body clean and healthy Demonstrates ways to ask for help Follows rules at home and in school Identifies appropriate persons to ask for assistance Follows rules during fire and other disaster drills Identifies situations when it is appropriate to ask for assistance from strangers Observes safety rules with stray or strange animals Gives personal information such as name and address to appropriate persons Describes what may happen if safety rules are not followed Identifies proper behavior during mealtime Realizes the importance of washing hands Realizes the importance of practicing good health habits Describes the characteristics of a healthful home environment Discusses the effect of clean water on ones health Discusses how to keep water at home clean Practices water conservation Explains the effect of indoor air on ones health Identifies sources of indoor air pollution Practices ways to keep indoor air clean Explains the effect of a home environment to the health of the people living in it Describes ways on how family members can share household chores in keeping a healthful home environment Demonstrates how to keep the home environment healthful Describes ways people can be intentionally helpful or harmful to one another Distinguishes between good and bad touch Practices ways to protect oneself against violent or unwanted behaviors of others

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