K to 12 Senior High School Applied Track Subject – Empowerment Technologies Curriculum Guide

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Published on 2018 September 24th

Curriculum Guide of K to 12 Senior High School Applie d Track Subject – Empowerment Technologies for Grade 11/12

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K to 12
Grade 11, Grade 12
Information and Communication Technology Online safety, security, ethics, and etiquette Online platforms as tools for ICT content development Multimedia and ICTs Publishing an ICT Project Sustaining an ICT Project for Social Change Reflecting on the ICT learning process covering the topics of ICT, the self, and society
Compare and contrast the nuances of varied online platforms, sites, and content to best achieve specific class objectives or address situational challenges Apply online safety, security, ethics, and etiquette standards and practice in the use of icts as it would relate to their specific professional tracks Evaluate existing online creation tools, platforms and applications in developing ict content for specific professional tracks Apply web design principles and elements using online creation tools, platforms, and applications to communicate a message for a specific purpose in specific professional tracks Create an original or derivable ict content using online creation tools, platforms, and applications to effectively communicate messages related to specific professional tracks Explore the principles of interactivity and rich content in the context of web 2.0 and the participation of the user in the online experience Demonstrate how online ict projects for social change are uploaded, managed, and promoted for maximum audience impact Generate a technical report interpreting data analytics, e.g. google, facebook, or similar traffic data on the general aspects of search visibility, reach, and virality Generate a report on the performance of their ict project for social change on the basis of data gathered from available monitoring tools and evaluating techniques Create a reflective piece of output using an ict tool platform, or application of choice on the learning experience undergone during the semester

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