Basa Pilipinas LAC Trigger Video 5: Demonstrating a Strategy for Decoding

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Published on 2018 May 7th

"The Basa Pilipinas LAC Trigger Videos are materials developed to aid School Heads/Leaders in the facilitation of Basa Literacy Learning Action Cell (Basa LLAC) Sessions. They are used as springboard to the discussion of Reading-Writing-Instruction-related issues, with the goal of addressing them at the end of every session. Video 5 – Demonstrating a Strategy for Decoding Student makes a mistake in reading a word (ex: alligator instead of crocodile). Teacher asks the student to look at the first letter and give the sound of the first letter. Then, look at the picture and probes the student until s/he gives the correct word. For LAC discussion – What did the teacher do? When a student gives a wrong answer or mistakenly reads a word, how do you correct the student? By helping the student find the correct answer or solve the problem, what is the benefit of this to the student?"

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