Basa Pilipinas LAC Trigger Video 3: Demonstrating a Strategy

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Published on 2018 April 27th

"The Basa Pilipinas LAC Trigger Videos are materials developed to aid School Heads/Leaders in the facilitation of Basa Literacy Learning Action Cell (Basa LLAC) Sessions. They are used as springboard to the discussion of Reading-Writing-Instruction-related issues, with the goal of addressing them at the end of every session. Video 3 – Demonstrating a Strategy This can be an interview where a teacher shows how she plans her lessons for the quarter. It can focus on how the teacher tries to align the lessons that are similar in MT, Filipino and English. A poster showing parts of speech in MT, Filipino and English can be shown. Refer to sample below. * For LAC discussion – What is the benefit of planning ahead? What other posters can be done similar to what the teacher did? Are there other print materials that can be placed in the classroom that will be helpful to the students’ literacy skills?"

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