Manual on treatment protocols of common communicable diseases and other ailments during emergencies and disasters

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Published on 2016 July 19th

The manual contains 10 sections and 38 annexes. Section 1 is on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support; it contains tips and steps in looking after the psychosocial well-being of disaster victims during consultation. Section 2 is on the Surveillance in Post-Extreme Emergencies and Disasters (SPEED), which is a quick and organized way of identifying and locating the appropriate treatment protocols and set of actions to take for each syndrome observed in emergency situations.

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K to 12
Grade 4
Prevention and Control of Diseases and Disorders
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Describes communicable diseases Identifies the various disease agents of communicable diseases Enumerates the different elements in the chain of infection Describes how communicable diseases can be transmitted from one person to another Describes common communicable diseases Demonstrates ways to stay healthy and prevent and control common communicable diseases Identifies ways to break the chain of infection at respective Practices personal habits and environmental sanitation to prevent and control common communicable diseases

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