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Published on 2016 August 23rd

This edition ultimately aims to impart lessons learned to every individual who at some point has experienced adversity and for whom health emergency preparedness has become a way of life.

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K to 12
Grade 4
Prevention and Control of Diseases and Disorders Injury Prevention Safety and First Aid
Educators, Learners, Students
Describes communicable diseases Identifies the various disease agents of communicable diseases Enumerates the different elements in the chain of infection Describes how communicable diseases can be transmitted from one person to another Describes common communicable diseases Demonstrates ways to stay healthy and prevent and control common communicable diseases Identifies ways to break the chain of infection at respective Practices personal habits and environmental sanitation to prevent and control common communicable diseases Recognizes disasters or emergency situations Demonstrates proper response before during and after a disaster or an emergency situation Relates disaster preparedness and proper response during emergency situations in preserving lives Describes appropriate safety measures during special events or situations that may put people at risk

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