Celebrating diversity through world literature. Module 4, Rebuilding our societies: lesson 6

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This material is composed of a variety of texts and communicative and real-life based activities aimed to develop and improve learners' skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
• use locational skills to gather information from primary and secondary sources
of information
• listen to simplify, reorganize, synthesize, and evaluate information to expand,
review, or update knowledge
• compare and contrast the contents of the materials with outside sources of
information in terms of accessibility and effectiveness
• get familiar with technical terms in research
• explain how the elements specific to a genre contribute to the theme of a
particular literary selection
• express appreciation for sensory images used
• expand ideas using principles of cohesion and coherence
• use appropriate language when delivering campaign speeches
• observe the language of research, campaigns, and advocacies
• develop a questionnaire about a local treasure

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K to 12
Grade 10
Reading Comprehension Listening Comprehension Viewing Comprehension Vocabulary Development Writing and Composition Oral Language and Fluency Grammar Awareness
Learners, Students

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