EASE Module 14 Genetics: The Study of Inherited Traits

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Published on 2011 January 13th

This module is composed of lessons aimed to broaden learners' knowledge of Mendelian genetics and non-Mendelian.
1. Understand the chromosomal basis of inheritance and the role of DNA as a blue print of life;
1.1 explain the chromosomal basis of inheritance
1.2 analyze the role of DNA in the transmission of traits;
2. Understand the fundamental role of chromosomes and genes in hereditary variations;
2.1 discuss the relationships of chromosomes and genes;
2.2 explain the different chromosomal aberrations;
3. Demonstrates understanding of the Mendelian principles of heredity;
3.1 analyze mendel's experiment on garden peas illustrating Mendelian principles of inheritance
3.2 identify the traits that follow Mendelian patterns of heredity ;
3.3 solve monohybrid crosses given the phenotypes and genotypes of parents;
4. Understand the Non-Mendelian patterns of heredity;
4.1 infer that certain traits do not always the Mendelian principles of heredity
5. Understand some issues concerning advanced technologies in genetics;
5.1 explain what Genetically Modified Organisms or Food are
5.2 analyze the effects of genetic engineering

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