EASE Module 10 Can We Live Alone?

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Published on 2010 January 15th

This module discusses the concepts of biotic relationships, energy flow, and the cycles of matter.
1.explain how energy is transferred through a community;
2.illustrate the one-way flow of energy in an ecosystem;
3.identify the different biotic relationships that exist among living organisms in an ecosystem;
4.explain how organisms depend on other living organisms for survival; and
5.describe how materials in the ecosystem are reused in a continuous cycle.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 8
Living Things and Their Environment
Learners, Students
Differentiate biotic from abiotic components of an ecosystem Describe the different ecological relationships found in an ecosystem Describe the transfer of energy through the trophic levels Analyze the roles of organisms in the cycling of materials Explain how materials cycle in an ecosystem

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