In proportion: ratios

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Published on 2018 August 13th

Complete customer orders for a large hardware store by interpreting the ratios. Work in the gardening department to fill orders for fertiliser, to the strength requested by customers. You will need to set ratios for water:concentrate. Use the machine to set the ratios, create the right amounts and mix the fertiliser. Explore how using equivalent fractions and ratios can help you perform the tasks. This learning object is the first in a series of six learning objects.
Students construct representations (both verbal and symbolic) for ratios by interpreting the amounts from contextual settings.
Students formulate equations that represent a proportional relationship between two or more ratios.
Students apply mathematical skills to solve and interpret equations that represent a proportional relationship between two (or more) ratios.

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K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 5, Grade 6
Numbers and Number Sense Patterns and Algebra
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