Accelerate: friction

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Pilot a spaceship between planets. Use Newton's second law of motion to work out the force needed in a series of challenges. Drive at a constant acceleration, then make adjustments for cargo and friction. Examine velocity-time line graphs showing acceleration as the gradient. This learning object is one in a series of three objects. The series is also packaged as a combined learning object.

Students distinguish between the concepts of velocity and acceleration.
Students explore relationships between acceleration, force, mass and friction.
Students identify that the greater the friction encountered by a moving object, then the greater the forces need to be applied to achieve a given acceleration.
Students predict the force needed to overcome friction forces and accelerate at a constant rate.
Students identify that increasing velocity also increases friction forces.
Students analyze number patterns in data tables to verify Newton's second law of motion.

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K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 8
Force Motion and Energy
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