EASE Module 1 How do I See Myself?

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Published on 2010 August 16th

This module is composed of activities aimed to develop learners' skill in noting significant details, identifying synonyms and antonyms, and using rising-falling intonation.
After going through this module, you should be able to:

• Note significant details in a story listened to or read and complete a story map;
• Note synonyms and antonyms of words in a story listened to or read and use them in assessing oneself;
• Use word association to group words with similar meanings and use them in sentences;
• Use the rising, the falling, and a combination of rising-falling intonation patterns when speaking about oneself;
• Form adjectives from noun forms and use them in sentences to talk about oneself;
• Use S-LV-SC (Subject-Linking Verb-Subject Complement) patterns to give appraisal of oneself; and
• Describe oneself to others reflecting one’s feelings and interests orally and in writing.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7
Oral Language and Fluency Grammar Awareness
Link sentences using logical connectors that signal chronological and logical sequence and summation

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