Crimewatchers: persuade your audience

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Watch a TV segment describing a crime and people wanted for questioning. Use a model structure to build a new TV segment, including a sequence of video clips. Build captions to match the video clips. Add detailed descriptions of people, places and things. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words.

Students make connections and explain relationships between different parts of multimedia texts.
Students produce a storyboard for a television drama dealing with current issues.
Students choose vocabulary and imagery that enhance the meaning and aesthetics of a text.
Students revise a text to ensure clarity of meaning by focusing on the sequence of events.
Students apply knowledge of verbal grammar, including: components of a clause - processes (verbs); participants (nouns, noun groups and pronouns); attributes (adjectives); and circumstances (adverbs and adverbial phrases).

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Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 5, Grade 6
Oral Language Reading Comprehension Vocabulary Development Writing and Composition Viewing Comprehension Oral Language and Fluency
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