EASE/OHSP Science II Module 10: What's Inside the Atom?

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This module presents the evolution of the concept of the atom and the modern ideas of atomic structure.
1. Cite significant changes in the development of the atomic theory.
2. Interpret the Law of Conservation of Mass, the Law of Definite Composition, and the Law of Multiple Proportion.
3. Explain the statements in Dalton’s atomic theory.
4. State the importance of cathode rays and radioactivity in determining the structure of the atom.
5. State the characteristics of subatomic particles.
6. Determine the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons of some elements.
7. define isotopes.
8. Infer the relationship between atomic mass and relative abundance.
9. Compute for the atomic weights of some atoms.
10. describe radioactivity.
11. Explain why some radioactive elements are useful and dangerous.
12. State ways of protecting oneself from dangerous radiation.
13. Contrast different models of the atom.
14. Discuss the influence of atomic spectra and electron spectra on the modern views
of atomic structure.

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Determine the number of protons neutrons and electrons in a particular atom

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