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Test your understanding of the pH scale by classifying solutions according to whether they are an acid, neutral or a base. Use results from the solutions tested using red litmus paper, blue litmus paper, the indicator phenolphthalein and the addition of a piece of metal (Zn) to help you classify them. Your preliminary classification of solutions is captured and available in a printable report. Next, play a game to match a solution, chosen from a group of nine common household substances, to a pH value on a tile. Move along a pathway flipping over tiles to reveal a particular pH value. A correct match enables you to move one tile at a time across the board to complete the game. Your progress through the game is captured, recording the correct and incorrect attempts to answer the questions. Finally, assess your broader understanding of the pH scale by answering a series of multiple-choice questions and true/false statements.
1. Students classify various substances as an acid, neutral or a base.
2. Students use clues about the properties and uses of substances to match the substances to their pH.
3. Students answer multiple-choice questions and true/false statements related to pH.

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