BEAM LG Gr.6 Module 10-Mathematics 6 Division of Fractions

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Published on 2015 March 3rd

This learning material is about division of fractions.
1. Visualize division of a whole number by a fraction; a fraction by another fraction.
2. Divide a whole number by a fraction.
3. Divide a fraction by another fraction.
4. Divide mixed number by a fraction.
5. Divide mixed number by a whole number.
6. Divide mixed numbers.
7. Divide a fraction by mixed number.
8. Solve word problems involving division of fractions.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 6
Numbers and Number Sense
Learners, Students
Divides simple fractions and mixed fractions Solves routine or nonroutine problems involving division without or with any of the other operations of fractions and mixed fractions using appropriate problem solving strategies and tools

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