A&E NFE: Mga Nakakalulong na Droga

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Published on 2015 February 23rd

This module is about illegal drugs and its effects in our health
Discuss how drugs affects our health
Identify ways of how to control the abuse of drugs

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 9
Prevention of Substance Use and Abuse Drug Scenario
Learners, Students
Describes the drug scenario in the philippines Explains the concept of substance use misuse abuse and dependence Discusses risk and protective factors in substance use and abuse Analyzes situations for the use and nonuse of psychoactive substances Identifies the types of drugssubstances of abuse Corrects myths and misconceptions about substance use and abuse Recognizes warning signs of substance use and abuse discusses the harmful short and longterm effects of substance use and abuse on the body Discusses the harmful effects of substance use and abuse on the individual family school and community Explains the health sociocultural psychological legal and economic dimensions of substance use and abuse Discusses strategies in the prevention and control of substance use and abuse Applies decisionmaking and resistance skills to prevent substance use and abuse Suggests healthy alternatives to substance use and abuse

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