A&E: Mga Nakalululong at Mapanganib na Droga

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Published on 2015 February 23rd

This module is about illegal drugs and its effects in our body
Understand the nature of abusing substances

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 8, Grade 5
Substance Use and Abuse Prevention of Substance Use and Abuse (Gateway Drugs: Cigarette and Alcohol)
Explains the concept of gateway drugs Identifies products with caffeine Discusses the nature of caffeine nicotine and alcohol use and abuse Describes the general effects of the use and abuse of caffeine tobacco and alcohol Analyzes how the use and abuse of caffeine tobacco and alcohol can negatively impact the health of the individual the family and the community Demonstrates life skills in keeping healthy through the nonuse of gateway drugs Follows school policies and national laws related to the sale and use of tobacco and alcohol

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