A&E NFE : Lets Clean Up the Environment

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Published on 2015 February 23rd

This module is about the different kinds of pollution and its causes.
Able to identify the causes of different pollution
Understand its effects in our environment and in the community

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 4, Grade 9, Grade 6
Community health Environmental health Prevention and Control of Diseases and Disorders Community and Environmental Health
Learners, Students
Describes communicable diseases Identifies the various disease agents of communicable diseases Enumerates the different elements in the chain of infection Describes how communicable diseases can be transmitted from one person to another Describes common communicable diseases Demonstrates ways to stay healthy and prevent and control common communicable diseases Identifies ways to break the chain of infection at respective Practices personal habits and environmental sanitation to prevent and control common communicable diseases Describes healthy school and community environments Explains the effect of living in a healthful school and community Demonstrates ways to build and keep school and community environments healthy Identifies different wastes Classifies different types of wastes Describes proper ways of waste disposal Identifies things that can be recycled in school and in the community Practices proper waste management at home in school and in the community Advocates environmental protection through proper waste management Describes diseases and disorders caused by poor environmental sanitation Explains how poor environmental sanitation can negatively impact the health of an individual Discusses ways to keep water and air clean and safe Explains the effect of a noisy environment Suggests ways to controlmanage noise pollution Practices ways to controlmanage noise pollution Explains the effect of pests and rodents to ones health Identifies some common diseases caused by pests and rodents Practice ways to prevent and control pests and rodents Defines community and environmental health Describes a healthy community Explains how a healthy environment positively impact the health of people and communities less disease less health care cost etc Discusses the nature of environmental issues Analyzes the effects of environmental issues on peoples health Suggests ways to prevent and manage environmental health issues Participates in implementing an environmental project such as building and maintaining a school garden or conducting a war on waste campaign depends on feasibility

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