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Published on 2010 February 23rd

This set of instructional material is a combination of games and puzzles intended to help students review, distinguish, and analyze the different characteristics of living things.
1. Review and analyze characteristics of living and nonliving things.
2. Classify objects either as living things or nonliving.
3. distinguish some common physical characteristics of plants and animals.
4. Identify certain characteristics of plants and animals through a crossword puzzle.
5. Distinguish animals with backbone from those without backbones.
6. Classify vertebrates and invertebrates on the basis of their structural characteristics.
7. Appreciate the economic value of some vertebrates and invertebrates.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 3, Grade 6
Living Things and Their Environment
Compare living with nonliving things Determine the distinguishing characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates

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