Science 8 – Unit 4 Module 1: Biodiversity

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Published on 2021 August 2nd

This module discusses the concept of biodiversity, specifically the variety of organisms living on Earth.
1. Explain and discuss the importance of biodiversity.
2. Discuss how living organisms are named and classified.
3. Describe the characteristics of different living organisms.
4. Identify human activities that destroy or endanger the existence of rare and economically important species.
5. Enumerate human activities that help protect and conserve the diversity of living organisms.
6. Acquire knowledge and apply things learned for everyday living.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 8, Grade 6
Living Things and Their Environment
Learners, Students
Determine the distinguishing characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates Explain the need to protect and conserve tropical rainforests coral reefs and mangrove swamps Explain the concept of a species Classify organisms using the hierarchical taxonomic system

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