Differences Between Earthquake; Focus vs. Epicenter and Intensity vs. Magnitude

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Published on 2024 June 7th

This module which is written by Sonia F. Utleg from Camalog National High School, is a project of the Curriculum Implementation Division particularly the Learning Resource Management and Development Unit, Department of Education, Schools Division of Kalinga. This is in response to the implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum and it aims to improve students’ performance specifically in Science.
1. Locate the focus and epicenter of an Earthquake.
2. Label the parts of an Earthquake.
3. Compare and contrast magnitude from intensity of an earthquake.
4. Construct a Venn diagram showing the differences of the Richter and Mercalli Scale use in measuring an earthquake

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K to 12
Grade 8
Earth and Space
Differentiate the epicenter of an earthquake from its focus intensity of an earthquake from its magnitude and active and inactive faults

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Department of Education - SDO Kalinga
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