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Published on 2023 September 18th

This Division Facts assessment is designed for learners in grades 3 to 6. It serves as a valuable diagnostic tool that can be administered at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year to gauge learners' proficiency in division, specifically focusing on dividing one or two-digit numbers by one-digit number without remainder. By implementing this assessment, we aim to support learners in honing their skills to the point where they can effortlessly perform these calculations with zero difficulty. This can be administered without time limit.
Divide 1 to 2 digit number by 1 digit number with zero difficulty without remainder.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 4, Grade 3, Grade 5, Grade 6
Numbers and Number Sense
Divides mentally 2digit numbers by 1digit numbers without remainder using appropriate strategies Divides mentally 2- to 3-digit
numbers by 1-digit numbers
without remainder using
appropriate strategies.

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SDO - San Carlos City, Negros Occidental
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