Self Learning Module- Quarter 1- Arts: Grade 3, Module 8- Pagguhit ng mga Tanawin

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Published on 2022 November 28th

This module will help learners in refining his/her skills in creating perspective in sketching.
1. Nakakikilala ng iba’t ibang bahagi sa pagguhit ng isang tanawin: foreground, middle ground at background;
2. Nakaguguhit ng isang tanawin ng sariling pamayanan, probinsiya o rehiyon na nagpapakita ng foreground, middle ground at background (A3PR-Ii).

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 3
Educators, Learners
Distinguishes the size of persons in the drawing to indicate its distance from the viewer Appreciates that artists create visual textures by using a variety of lines and colors Tells that in a landscape the nearest object drawn is the foreground the objects behind the foreground are the middle ground while objects farthest away are the background and by doing this there is balance Sketches and colors and view of the provinceregion with houses and buildings indicating the foreground middle ground and background by the size of the objects

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