Lesson guide in Elementary Mathematics 2 Measurement: Time Measure

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Published on 2011 October 3rd

A lesson guide that discusses the principles of time measurement with solving problem about time measure.
Be able to use calendar for time measure, Determine the number of days in a given number of weeks and months, Name the days in a week/months in a year, Tell time using a clock Practice wise the use of time

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1, Grade 3
Tells the days in a week months in a year in the right order Determines the day or the month using a calendar Visualizes and represents and converts time measure from seconds to minutes minutes to hours and hours to a day and vice versa Visualizes and represents and converts time measure days to week month and year and vice versa weeks to months and year and vice versa months to year and vice versa Visualizes represents and solve problems involving conversion of time measure

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