Self-Learning Modules- Quarter 4-Science: Grade 5, Modules 1-5

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Published on 2022 September 12th

Contents: 1. Science 5: Quarter 4- Module 1: How Rocks Turn into Soil. 2. Science 5: Quarter 4- Module 2: Soil Erosion: The Process That Shape Earth’s Surface. 3. Science 5: Quarter 4- Module 3: Weather Disturbances. 4. Science 5: Quarter 4- Module 4: Phases of the Moon: Its Characteristics. 5. Science 5: Quarter 4- Module 5: The Stars and Constellations.

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K to 12
Grade 5
Earth and Space
Educators, Learners
Describe how rocks turn into soil Investigate extent of soil erosion in the community and its effects on living things and the environment Communicate the data collected from the investigation on soil erosion Observe the changes in the weather before during and after a typhoon Describe the effects of a typhoon on the community Describe the effects of the winds given a certain storm warning signal Infer the pattern in the changes in the appearance of the moon Relate the cyclical pattern to the length of a month

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