Lesson Guide in Elementary Mathematics Grade 5 - Rational Numbers: Percent

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Published on 2011 September 28th

This learning material discusses the relevance of percent in fractions, ratios, and decimals.
Shade the percent, fraction or decimal given and name it based on the illustration.
Cite the importance of percent in relation with fractions, ratios and decimals.
Give the meaning of the elements used in solving percentage problems such as percentage, rate and base.
Write the percentage of a given number.
Appreciate the use of percent in real-life situations.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 5
Numbers and Number Sense
Defines percentage rate or percent and base Identifies the base percentage and rate in a problem Finds the percentage in a given problem Solves routine and nonroutine problems involving percentage using appropriate strategies and tools Creates problems involving percentage with reasonable answers

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