Self-Learning Modules - Quarter 3 - Health: Grade 4, Modules 1 to 3

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Published on 2022 August 25th

Contents: 1. Health ,Grade 4, Quarter 3 - Module 1: Tamang Gamot, Iwas Sakit. 2. Health ,Grade 4, Quarter 3 - Module 2: Panaganib sa Maling Paggamit ng Gamot. 3. Health ,Grade 4, Quarter 3 - Module 3: Tamang Paggamit ng Gamot.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 4
Substance Use and Abuse
Educators, Learners
Describes uses of medicines Differentiates prescription from nonprescription medicines Describes ways on how medicines are misused and abused Describes the potential dangers associated with medicine misuse and abuse Describes the proper use of medicines Explains the importance of reading drug information and labels and other ways to ensure proper use of medicines

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