EASE Physics Module 2: Energy in Society

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Published on 2011 August 16th

This module answers our questions about the important role of energy in our lives. We will learn how to harness energy for our benefits and what are the benefits we get from energy and what are its bad effects.
1. explain the role of energy in human development; 2. discuss energy and its role in the following areas: home, transportation economy, information and communication technology, and environment; 3. discuss the different forms of energy and the law of conservation of energy as applied in transportation, economy, information and communication technology, and, environment and at home; 4. explain energy resources and their relation to energy crisis; 5. enumerate the environmental effects of the production and use of fossil fuels; 6. list the ways of conserving oil; 7. discuss the effects of energy in the environment; and 8. explain the meaning of E= mc2.

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K to 12
Grade 9
Force Motion and Energy
Educators, Learners
Infer that heat transfer can be used to do work and that work involves the release of heat

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