UNILAB FOUNDATION's POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY "Appreciating Gifts" Activity Booklet and Teachers Guide

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Published on 2022 March 1st

The Department of Education in partnership with UNILAB Foundation; Philippine Science High School produced these modules that will promote Positive Psychology on self-discovery and gratitude in the learners. These modules will also help learners develop good socialization in the community.
Primarily to support the HGP aim to provide supplemental
materials that address the development of the student’s
personality and resilience through character strength building.
To utilize and integrate Positive Psychology Intervention PPI in
promoting improved well-being, reducing ill-being, and optimizing
social and psychological outcomes.

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Teachers, School Heads, Supervisors, Superintendents, Directors and Chiefs, Non-Teaching Personnel

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Department of Education-Central Office; UNILAB Foundation; Philippine Science High School
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