Multiplying 2 to 3-digit Numbers by 1 and 2- digit Numbers Without or with Regrouping

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Published on 2022 April 21st

This Learning Resource is a project of the Learning Resource Management and Development Unit, Curriculum Implementation Division, Schools Division of Kalinga. This material is in response to the implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum. It was developed by Nessaj Shirr D, Gasigas of Manangol ES, Lubuagan District to provide learning activities for Grade 3 learners in multiplying 2- to 3-digit numbers by 1- and 2- digit numbers without or with regrouping.
1) Multiplying 2- to 3-Digit numbers by 1-Digit Numbers without
2) Multiplying 2- to 3-Digit Numbers by 1-Digit Numbers with
3) Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers By 2-Digit Numbers Without or With

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 3
Numbers and Number Sense
Multiplies 2 to 3digit numbers by 1digit numbers without or with regrouping

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nessaj shirr gasigas (audreymana) - Manangol Elementary School, Kalinga, CAR
Department of Education - Schools Division of Kalinga
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